Cupra announces new 2020 line-up

SEAT, a brand commonly known for it’s (boring) reliable family wagons and being a smart reliable choice. For two years now CUPRA has been a separate brand, not just a line of performance cars of Seat. With the brand having sold more than 40 thousands cars sees a bright future ahead. This week, the brand announced a new range of products, based on the recently announced Seat Leon. Cupra also opened the doors to its new headquarters, the ‘Cupra Garage’, albeit on the same lot as Seat’s own headquarters.

As you might have noticed, the new line of Leons that will be produced under Cupra’s label will be completely separate from the Seat badge. The Cupra Leon is available in a hatchback and a sports tourer (ST) format, and a total of four different engine configurations.

Cupra is not laid back with the release of the new Leon, the first cars should be sold by the fourth quarter of 2020.

New Cupra Leon options

As mentioned before, the Cupra Leon will be available in four different engine configurations. First of all, a two litre TSI delivering 245 hp, or a two litre TSI delivering 300 hp, both front wheel drive. The model with the most power is the four wheel drive ST, producing 310 hp. Finally, Cupra also takes a step into the electric direction by offering a plugin hybrid Leon option. The hybrid Cupra will have two motors, one 1.4 litre TSI producing 150 hp, and an electromotor boosting an additional 115 hp, adding up to a total of 245 hp. The plug-in hybrid has a 13 kwh battery, supposedly making it possible to drive the Cupra Leon 60 fully electric kilometres.

Cupra Leon 2020 static front side
First press photo of 2020 Cupra Leon

The full stats of the performance vehicles are not officially announced yet. We only know that the 310 hp Cupra Leon has a top speed of 250 km/h and races from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds, which are promising numbers.

Cupra Leon 2020s tatic back side detail
Still a Leon, but with clear Cupra detailing


The looks of the new Leon scream performance and excitement. The emblem, seat embroidery, steering wheel details, everything is covered with the Cupra logo. All the Seat branding is purposefully left out.

Large Cupra design rims on new Leon
Giant copper coloured rims on the Leon

The styling of the Cupra models modern and sportive. Emblems are copper coloured, and rims are also offered in the same colour scheme. Detailing is done in black or carbon-like materials, matched with a nice grey painted body. The 300+ hp cars will come standard with large 19 inch rims, and the lesser power Cupra Leons will be connected to the road by 18 inch rims. The start button is located on the steering wheel, the steering wheel also hosts a button for different driving modii. The Cupra Leon has an adaptive chassis, giving the car dynamic chassis control. All thing considered, the design looks futuristic and very promising.

Interiour of Cupra Leon with updated design
Steering wheel and tech-heavy interior

Electric Cupra

Cupra wants to enter a completely new class, the ECTR, to participate in the PURE ECTR electric touring car championship. The fully electric racing car, Cupra Leon Competición is a more aerodynamic version of the Cupra Leon. The car has 340 hp and reaches the 0 to 100 km/h in around 4.5 seconds.

Cupra Leon Competición side view
The Cupra Leon Competición
Cupra Leon Competición Front on circuit
Cupra Leon Competition on the track

New headquarters

Cupra also proudly presented its new headquarters, located in Martorell, near Barcelona, Spain. It is also right around the corner of Seat’s own headquarters, which shows that the two companies are still connected.

Promotion of Headquarters Cupra
The 5.3 million euro headquarters of Cupra

The new line of Cupra cars is an exciting update in the automotive world. With promising sales numbers Cupra sees a bright future ahead, and with the release of the hybrid and fully electric cars it shows the world that it is ready.

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