Elon Musk reopens factory despite orders

Controversy has always surrounded Elon Musk’s management decisions for Tesla. This week, Elon knows how to get the headlines again, the Tesla CEO decides to reopen it’s California factory, despite local orders to keep factories closed.

It isn’t a surprise that Musk was not a fan of the new measurements taken to protect workers for the corona virus.


‘The coronavirus panic is dumb’, tweets Elon at the 6th of march.

Elon has used twitter a lot in the past to express his opinion on recent events and management of his companies.


It makes sense that Musk would like Tesla employees to continue working in the factory to keep producing new Tesla cars, and Musk doesn’t seem to accept the state and county regulations.

Monday, the Tesla CEO tweeted that the production has started again. In the tweet Elon claims to be ‘on the line with everyone else’. Additionally he requests that if anyone has to be arrested for reopening Tesla’s factories, that it should only be him.


Californian regulations

The state of California has eased regulations to slowly start allowing manufacturing again, but the county (Alameda), in which the Fremont factory is situated, has not followed these updated regulations. Saturday, Elon said Tesla had already file a lawsuit against Alameda County to reopen Tesla’s factory again, whilst the company was simultaneously negotiating to open again on may 18th. Musk couldn’t find the patience to wait for this and reopened the plant again.

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