Future of Nissan line-up: teaser includes new Z

Nissan teases the future of their line-up of automobiles they plan to produce in the coming four years. The video uploaded to Nissan’s YouTube channel includes shots of the Ariya, Pathfinder, Qashqai, and most excitingly, the Nissan Z.

Watch now: Nissan teases new Z model.

Cutting cost

The announcement of Nissan does not come as a surprise. However, some of the contents of the announcement do come as a surprise. We knew that Nissan would plan to reduce costs and focus on growth and financial stability. It was expected that this included scrapping unprofitable models from their line-up, and prioritizing it’s most successful vehicles.

The new plan includes increasing effectiveness of their factories and working together with other car makers to reduce production costs and share technology.

Nissan claims it will ‘prioritize core markets and core products’. In their eyes this mean sthe C and D class models, EV’s and… sports cars. This is also the reason enthusiasts have their hopes up for a new Nissan Z model.

Nissan Z logo on side of teased vehicle
This is all we get for now.

Europe has to miss out

Nissan’s new plans also include bad news for European drivers with a love for Nissan. As stated before, the company will focus on core markets, and apparently Europe isn’t one of them. Nissan will mainly operate in Japan, China and North-America in the coming years.

The first steps straying further from Europe are already being taken: Nissan plans to close it’s plant in Barcelona.

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