New TLX puts Acura sports back on the map

This week Acura announced their new Acura TLX. Back in august we got teased by the Acura Type S concept.

The wait is over, as Acura shows the world the new TLX and TLX Type S.

With the design of the new TLX still being centred around showing off performance, it doesn’t differ a lot from the concept car.

Red Acura TLX press shot
2021 Acura TLX Type S

This 2021 TLX is the second generation of Acura’s TLX model. The Type S is reborn, after ten years of Acura not making any Type S cars, the 2021 TLX will see a Type S edition next spring.


Blue Acura TLX above dynamic
Acura TLX A-spec.

The design of the 2021 Acura TLX embodies the spirit of the sports sedan. The car  is made to look wide, low and aggressive. Where some carmakers develop a car that hardly resembles its concept cars, the TLX still looks a lot like the Acura precision concept, which is something the designers can be proud of. With the dimensions making it a long and wide sedan, the sharp lines covering the bodywork truly accent the sports mindset that was used to design the car.

Acura TLX dah
Controls of the Acura TLX aren’t an ocean of touch-screens.

The strong design language is explicit in for example the hood of the car. The surface sees some sharp curves, which add to the personality of the vehicle. The headlights and grille are positioned quite low to the ground which adds to the aggressive nose of the TLX.

The proportions of the car (just look at the side) add to a low visual centre of gravity and gives the car a steady stance.

White Acura TLX side static
2021 TLX Type S side view.
Acura TLX dial rev counter velocity


The Acura TLX will be powered by a 2.0 L turbo engine, which delivers 272 hp. The TLX will come with standard front wheel drive, all wheel drive is optional. The transmission is a 10 speed automatic. Unfortunately, Acura hasn’t shared acceleration stats yet.

Type S

The second generation TLX also marks the revival of Acura’s Type S vehicles. The Type S TLX edition is the increased performance variant of the TLX. This version will come with a 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine, but Acura is yet to announce the maximum horsepower output. The TLX Type S comes with all wheel drive as a standard feature.

Golden Acura TLX dynamic front
The TLX Type S on the road, can you already imagine yourself driving it?

The Type S was partially designed and engineered by the same people that worked on the Acura NSX and Type R.

Aside from a more beefy engine, the Type S TLX will have stiffer body and larger wheels.

Externally, you can recognize the Type S by the quad exhausts and diamond grille.

Improvements and updates

Acura makes clear that the 2021 TLX is not just a simple facelift, it is supposed to be a truly new car. The new car is wider and longer, and it has seen serious improvements in the front suspension. The TLX has a special ‘double wishbone’ front suspension which is supposed to increase tire contact when taking sharp corners. Combined with the low centre of gravity, this leads to better grip under the most stringent conditions. Acura also used electro servo brake technology, which is new to the TLX  models.

2021 Acura TLX interior
Acura TLX A-spec interior.

The new Acura TLX will be available in North-America in fall, for the Type S TLX you will have to wait until next spring. Acura states the suggested retail price is somewhere in the mid-$30 000 range.

Two Acura’s on the road.

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