No new Ford Focus RS – RS edition impossible under regulations

Unfortunate news for the lovers of Ford’s RS line – there will be no new Ford Focus RS as a result of the ever more strict emissions regulations set in Europe.

Even though we posted about the potentials of the 2021 Focus RS having a hybrid drivetrain, it is now the time to bring all those rumours to an end.

The current Focus will not see a performance increased RS edition, a spokesperson told Autocar.

Regulations kill the RS

2017 Ford Focus
2017 Ford Focus RS

The direct cause of the death of the Ford Focus RS are the emissions standards set by the European union. Increased CO2 taxation combined with the high cost of developing a new, possibly hybrid drivetrain are just not worth it for the relatively low amount of RS edition sold.

End of an era?

Focus RS unveiled in 2015

Even though we won’t see a 2021 edition of the Focus RS, there is still some hope. A source at Ford told Autocar that they are waiting for the engineering team to come up with a solution that can still deliver a  powerful Ford Focus that can comply with the strict CO2 regulations in Europe. With the Mustang Mach-E and rumours of more electrified Mustangs after 2021 we can only hope that Ford can come up with a viable solution to keep the Focus RS alive in one way or another. However, if there will ever be a Focus RS again, that won’t be sooner than the year 2022.

Hybrid Hope

Render 2021 Ford Focus RS Hyrbid
Render by X-Tomi Design

Rumours earlier this year were still expecting some sort of hybrid Ford Focus RS edition. Since this rumour has been swept out of the air, the Ford Focus ST is the most exciting Focus that Ford still has to offer to the European market.

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