Rumour: Will Hummer build an electric car?

If I say electric vehicle you will probably first think about Tesla. Hummer would be the last maker that you would think of. Hummer is notorious for building large vehicles for people who don’t care about the environment in the slightest. Hummer used to make trucks and SUVs, and the last car it produced was sold in the first half of 2010.

Update: Hummer has officially announced the fully electric car, which will mean that Hummer is officially coming back. Click here for the most recent article.

Grey Hummer H1 in a parking garage
Hummer H1 model (Spencer Davis, 2019)

Who is giving Hummer new life?

Hummer used to be owned by AM General, but the brand name has been under General Motors’ umbrella since 1998. Two months ago rumours went around claiming that GM wants to revive the Hummer brand, but more recently it was brought to our attention that this might just as well be an electric vehicle, not a fossil fuel consuming army vehicle.

How do we know?

As much as manufacturers try to keep new projects secret until the official announcement, it is almost impossible to enter a huge market segment without leaving a trail. The first sign of GM really being serious about entering the electric SUV and truck market was seen when GM started preparing a three billion dollar investment in it’s Detroit-Hamtramck factory.

These investments and contracts are part of General Motors’ BT1 plan. Which models will be part of this project are still to be officially revealed, but it is clear that GM is working on electric trucks and SUV’s here. The BT1 plan includes at least an electric SUV under the Cadillac brand, and an electric truck that will carry out under the GMC label (perhaps a Sierra?). However, those are only expected somewhere in 2023.

Yellow Hummer H2 in a city
Hummer H2 model (Laura De Wilde, 2019)

The plans GM has before the release of these two models are speculated to be related to Hummer. The average pickup driver or SUV lover is not best known for their love for the environment or adaptability when it comes to electric vehicles. Marketing EV versions of a truck or SUV is therefore a difficult task. It could be just for this reason that the company wants to revive the Hummer brand. An all new electric vehicle, but under a well known brand name, hopefully still carrying the image that is part of Hummer’s DNA, but than eco-friendly. We can only wait in see if this will ever become reality.

Source: Reuters
Cover image by Nate Johnston

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