The 2021 Ford Focus RS will be a hybrid

Rumour has it that the 2021 version of Ford’s beloved Focus RS will be a hybrid powered hot hatch. With the release date coming closer and closer and the development of the car reaching it’s later stages the fact that this car will have some sort of electric motor becomes more believable, especially with the proof that Ford is serious about electric vehicles when it released the Ford Mustang Mach-E. Should horsepower lovers be afraid that the new Focus RS will be a boring hybrid that is just designed to be economical and save the environment? No, of course not. Let me explain why.

Ford Focus RS on track from above
2017 Ford Focus RS

Even though Ford will focus on a more sustainable way of driving in it’s entire line-up, simply because that is the trend and recent legislation encourage car makers to strive for sustainable transport does not mean that driving is going to be boring.

The 2021 RS will still have all-wheel drive and will still be the king of drifting and delivering insane performance.

As it looks right now, the rear wheels will solely be driven bey GKN’s e-Twinster electric drive. I can imagine you are wondering, what does this mean? Well, it is a newly developed electric motor that allows two gear for efficient and exciting driving. The two gears ensure great launch capabilities and more efficient use of power at higher speeds. This new technology also comes with smart torque vectoring technologies to deliver the right powers to each individual wheel for even better performance.

Ford’s powerful combustion engine will power the front wheels, probably also assisted by some hybrid technology to deliver 400bhp.


The car will of course share looks with its predecessor, but we won’t be surprised if it also includes some futuristic design features, just as Ford has shown the world with its Mach-E.

Render 2021 Ford Focus RS Hyrbid
Render by X-Tomi Design

For now we can only speculate about the design of the new hybrid Ford Focus RS, but that should not stop us from looking at the possible design features.

Does hybrid equal boring?

Even though there are countless examples of boring hybrid vehicles, this does not mean that hybrid technology should only be used for cars targeting environmental conscious drivers that only use the car on their day-to-day commute. No, hybrid technologies can also be leveraged to increase performance of the least boring cars on the planets, as manufacturers like Porsche and McLaren have already proven years ago, just take a look at the 918 or P1.

I have faith in Ford to use the hybrid technology in the new Focus RS simply to make a better performing car. Not even that, it uses the electric motors to make insane performance possible, even in a trend of manufacturing vehicles with the least emissions.

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